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Registration and booking conditions

This page shows the conditions for registration, booking and cancellation, valid both for bookings via e-mail and for online bookings from the website, where it is specifically requested to view it.

Therefore, they are considered read and accepted when the request or payment is sent.

With the payment of the quota and therefore the contract, the client declares that he is in good physical and mental health and that he does not have heart disease, pressure problems or anything else.

For online bookings or by e-mail the terms and conditions apply of the TERMS and CONDITIONS and the GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS of 4000plus

See the link of 4000plus Alpine guides – General conditions: http://www.4000plus.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/Tarif-AVB-Auftragsbestaetigung/AVB-CG061120.pdf

See also the link of the Alpine Italian guides: https://www.guidealpine.it/

The reservation is to be considered confirmed only after the payment of the deposit or the required fee and the written communication of the organization.

The e-mails if they contain an affirmative confrema from the customer are considered definitive and binding, also for other people mentioned in the exchange of e-mail including minors, and for the organization will be such at the moment of receipt of the deposit or registration fee .


For any participation in events or trips, the reservation is mandatory and must be done within the dates established by the program and as described here.

The indicated costs are per person for group trips and per day for private driving.

For group outings, if the minimum number is not reached, the organization will send you alternatives to perform the booked activity.

You will have the possibility to:

  • pay an integration for private driving;
  • change the group activity booked;
  • move the booking to another date.

Timetables and itineraries may vary according to weather conditions.

The organization (Mountain Guide) reserves the right to modify the planned itinerary for any accessibility and safety problems.

Program changes scheduled two to three days before departure (not for travel or shipping)

In the event that the mountain conditions or weather conditions do not allow the program to be carried out, the organization will propose to replace an alternative program or different dates for the same program chosen (customers will be immediately informed of any additional costs of the activities proposed alternatives). If it is not possible to find an alternative date or an agreement can not be found for another suitable trip, the organization will keep a credit that can be used for the same trip to be spent within the following year.

Changes to the program planned during the excursion

If during the course of the program situations arise that could compromise the safety of the group (weather conditions, mountain conditions, physical condition of individual members of the group …), the Alpine Guide may decide to change or interrupt the planned program. This decision is unquestionable and, unless otherwise agreed, the agreed amount will be paid in full.


The reservation is made for a specific date or period. In the event that the exit should be canceled due to bad weather, security problems or other force majeure, it will be possible to use the booking for another date to be decided by mutual agreement within the following year. Otherwise, there is no refund of the deposit or registration fee.If after a year you can not make the trip, always for reasons of force majeure, the deposit or registration fee will be returned

Costs details

The rates shown are tax charges excluded and include the following services:

  1. The accompaniment of the Alpine Guide
  2. The use of common materials
  3. It is not included (where not expressly written):
  4. Tickets for the lifts
  5. Cost of board and lodging
  6. Possible transfer fees
  7. The costs of food, lodging and transfers of the Alpine Guide
  8. Clothing and equipment suitable for the activity
  9. Recovery and / or cancellation insurance
  10. Anything not expressly indicated above

Cancellation by the client for a private trip

In the event that the customer intends to cancel the booking, and then withdraw from the contract, the following penalties will be applied according to the given notice, without prejudice to any clauses and contracts indicated on the individual activities and / or trips:

15 working days before the scheduled date – possibility to move the date or full refund of the deposit or the fee 

7 working days before the scheduled date – possibility to move the date (only once) or refund 50% of the fee

within 6 working days from the scheduled date – there will be no refund.

Cancellation by the organizer for a private trip

In case of cancellation by the organizer the customer can request:

Moving the program to another date.

An alternative program, specifying any change in price.

A voucher for the amount of the program chosen, valid for the current season.

Withdraw from the contract without additional costs and request the reimbursement of the entire deposit paid or the fee.

Specific conditions for group tours (excluding travel and / or shipping)

For group trips booked by e-mail confirmation is made at the time of payment of the full amount agreed.

In the event of cancellation by the customer (group), even with online booking from the site, the amount paid will not be reimbursed unless a replacement date is agreed by the current year.

In case of cancellation by the organizer the customer can request:

Moving the program to another date

An alternative program, specifying any change in price

A voucher for the amount of the program chosen, valid for the current season

Withdraw from the contract without additional cost and request a refund of the entire deposit paid.

Reservations NOT made online must be made:

by phone at +41794180481 and

by e-mail to kuberake@gmail.com


name and surname of the participants

telephone number, residential address

technical level

date and program chosen

authorization for minors written in original

After making arrangements by telephone and e-mail, the cost of the program or registration fee or according to the program specifications must be paid by bank transfer or credit card.

Reservations made after the payment terms will require the payment of the full amount of participation, without delay and deposit. No reservation will be accepted before receiving the requested payment.

Extreme for bank transfer:

Banca dello Stato del Canton Ticino, Locarno

Titolare Rossi Mauro

Account No. 4181979 / 002.000.001CHF

IBAN: CH59007644181979D000C

Causal: (example: Mont Blanc from 10 to 12 July)

For bookings by e-mail The bank transfer must be made with EVALUATION OF THE SAME DAY OF EXECUTION.

Any bank charges are charged to the CUSTOMER.

THE REFUND EXPENSES THROUGH BANK TRANSFER ARE CHARGED TO THE CUSTOMER both in the case of online booking and by e-mail.

Withdrawal and cancellation for travel and / or shipments see the travel agency contract and what is written in the context of the terms and conditions

Transfer of booking to third parties

If you were unable to use the booked program, the organization admits the transfer of the booking to a third person (that meets the conditions possibly provided), upon notice to the organization with at least 4 days notice with respect