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Mountain Guide

MAURO ROSSI, born in Kenya from Italian parents, arrives at the age of eight in Italy, undertakes compulsory studies up to scientific maturity, but the imprinting of nature and its essence received in Africa and its solitary explorations in the forest, they inevitably take him to the mountains, to the climbs, to the exploration and to the search for new ways on the Alps, in the Himalayas, in Patagonia

A search where the rock, the ice, the exploration and the concretization of the visions of new mountaineering routes is only the clearly visible aspect; but through these incredible adventures and experiences, to premonitory visions, and a long illness comes to the practice of different healing techniques, meditation and trips to India.

His first trip to India, not for mountaineering, is directed and decided to meet, in the vicinity of Rishikesh, ShantiMay, teacher of the Sacha language, from which he receives, in silence, nourishment and loving wisdom, which will allow him to continue more easily, his path of research.Mauro, Reiki master, practices sports and energetic massages and deep healing, in contact with the beings of Nature.

Mauro Rossi is a mountain guide and mountaineering instructor since 1980, he has active expeditions in the Himalayas as the ascent of the north face of Everest, where at 8650 m. decides to go down, giving up the summit, for the safety of other mountaineers; the Manaslu 8163 m for the Messner way, the summit of Cho Oyu 8201 and of the Shisha Pagma 8013 chained in ten days tracing, on the Shisha Pagma a new way of over thousand meters. All these experiences took place without the use of oxygen and with the group “Esprit d’Equipe”, whose challenge was to reach the Himalayan peaks, but all together and at the same time.
Even in Patagonia it manages to realize four new routes in a month, but it also captures the essence of the land of fire.

It opens up countless climbs on ice and rock in the Valais, in the Gondo Gorge and in the Mont Blanc massif.

“thank all the comrades who allowed me, in their way, to experience these incredible life experiences.”

“Mauro Rossi”

A particular episode. Starting from the place: in fact, we allowed ourselves an “escape” from the Swiss Italian territory to reach the Simplon Pass, separated only by two valleys – Val Vigezzo and Val Divedro – from Locarnese. Both because the conditions were ideal here, and because it is the guide’s chosen territory that led us to vertical ice. The activity presented – as unique as it is ephemeral – is in fact climbing on ice falls.